Assistance to Residential Property Managers – Colorado Only

CAPS provides assistance to residential property managers by performing property inspections for both vacant and occupied properties, contacting vendors for services such as plumbing and electrical repairs, arranging for lawn care and snow removal, noting damage to gutters and roofs, and performing other, related services. Often, property

managers find themselves with an overabundance of properties to manage or in situations where hiring a full- or part-time employee is not feasible. The services that CAPS provides are perfect for these circumstances.

C.A.P.S. services houses, apartments, town homes, condos, and other residential properties of all kinds. We offer the following services for property owners and managers:

Monthly Services

  • Performing monthly or bi-weekly property checks on vacant properties
  • Organizing repairs and replacements for plumbing systems, furnaces, water heaters, sprinkler systems, etc.
  • Noting the condition of trees on the property and arranging tree trims when necessary
  • Making sure doors and windows are locked before and after visits
  • Noting whether there is any evidence of bugs or rodents on the property and arranging for extermination services
  • Flushing toilets and running sinks and bathtubs on a monthly basis to make sure they’re functioning properly
  • Testing the furnace, air conditioner, and swamp cooler to make sure they’re functional
  • Making sure the water heater is functional by testing the hot water in sinks, bathtubs, and showers
  • Setting the temperature to 65 degrees to ensure that pipes are not damaged during the winter
  • Photographing a property to record all current issues
  • Removing valuable objects, such as jewelry, from properties. Inventorying and storing these items safely
  • Testing the garage door and other electronic items

Seasonal Services

  • Managing insurance claims and supervising remediation and rebuilding procedures when necessary
  • Noting nicks, holes, and spots on the walls, ceiling, doors, etc. during first-time property checks
  • Noting the condition of carpet and any stains or persistent smells
  • Noting the condition of kitchen cabinets
  • Removing perishable food from the fridge and kitchen cabinets
  • Noting damage to gutters and the general exterior of the house
  • Arranging for doors to be re-keyed or for locks to be replaced
  • Installing a lock box on the house for access by myself and others
  • Recording information pertaining to the age and general condition of the furnace and water heater
  • Testing the sprinkler system
  • Arranging for the sprinkler system to be activated in the early summer and to be deactivated in late fall
  • Unhooking garden hoses, draining pipes leading to the outside, and otherwise preparing water fixtures for winter
  • Taking notes on any services that need to be performed regularly, such as lawn care and snow removal
  • Arranging for lawn care and snow removal
  • Arranging for and supervising packing, moving, and unpacking services

Please note that C.A.P.S. does not offer any services pertaining to selling or renting properties. We also do not service any properties located outside Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding areas.

If you find yourself in need to such services, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.