Customer Feedback

“I have worked with Joseph Caldara for several years on many different projects, mainly clearing out estate houses that have been left intact, with all the possessions still within.

It took tremendous coordination on Joseph’s part to arrange for all the services needed to clear such a house and he was always on top of things. Never once did anything fall through the cracks. He had to arrange for services from heating companies, lawn care professionals, pest control, plumbers, whole-house cleaners, and much more, all while pleasing the estate attorneys and financial teams. My team and I would work in the house for several days at a time (sorting the household items) and these service people would come and go, get their work done very well, all under the supervision of Joseph. He’s excellent at planning and follow through, very efficient and trustworthy. Any job we do with Joseph we automatically know will go smoothly. I highly recommend him and give him a top rating!”

-Lynne Dusenberg, Owner, Space Management, LLC


“As my Executive Assistant and Property Manager Joseph had many responsibilities and roles within my company and I could always depend on him to get his job done.”

-Courtney Smith, President, Lotus Fiduciary Group